Cots, bassinets and more: sleeping arrangements for your baby

Choosing the right sleeping environment for your baby can be confusing. After all, new parents have never had more options from which to choose. From bassinettes to cots and all things in between, it can be hard to make a decision on what’s best for you and your child.

While the design is often affected by your budget, it can also be difficult to know if you can pop bub straight into a cot or if you start with something smaller so they don’t look so teeny in such a big ‘bed’.

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The good news is that any cots or other sleeping arrangements for children sold in Australia are required to conform to Australian Standards to ensure their safety for tiny sleepers. This means anything you buy new will be a good start in the safety stakes.

If you’re the recipient of a pre-loved cot in good condition, it might be worth checking if it meets Australian standards, particularly to ensure no limbs or heads can get stuck in funny places. And you should always – always – purchase a new mattress.

Here are a few reminders, too, on how you can best keep baby safe while they’re sleeping:

  • Always sleep baby on her back – every time, no exceptions;

  • Always keep his head and face uncovered – hats and hoods are not required;

  • Keep baby’s environment smoke free before and after birth. They need clear and clean lungs;

  • Ensure a safe sleep environment, night and day. That means no toys, no mobile and no cot bumpers – less is best; and

  • Babies need regular tummy time, but watch over them in case they fall asleep mid-tummy time.

Get some inspiration for baby’s bedroom at Incy Interiors. For more information on safe sleep, download the free Safe Sleeping mobile app from Red Nose. Earlybirds is a proud supporter of Red Nose and encourages safe sleeping practices for all babies.