Father's Day celebrations around the world

First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day to all our Earlybirds dads! We are especially thinking of those fathers with babies in NICU or special care – we hope you get the opportunity for a very long kangaroo cuddle and remember to take lots of photos!

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Most of the world celebrates their dads in June but Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea all celebrate on the first Sunday of September, which coincides with the start of spring.

Although there has been a Catholic celebration of fatherhood since the Middle Ages, the first Father’s Day as we know it was first observed in the USA in 1908, as a complement to the already popular Mother’s Day. It took some time to take off, only being officially recognised in the 1960s. Now, of course, Father’s Day is a huge celebration around the world, entwined with sales of hardware, chocolates, ties and socks.

Historically, German fathers commemorated what was once known as Vatertag by going on hikes pulling wagons of beer and schnapps, which concluded with a booze-filled picnic in the woods. In Thailand they celebrate on King Bhumibol’s birthday (even though he died in 2016), since he was considered the father of the nation.

Very special Father’s Day wishes to all the dads of precious early birds. May your day be filled with socks, screwdrivers and some gorgeous baby cuddles.