Meet Mac!

When he was born at 29 weeks, handsome Mac weighed just 1673 grams. He arrived into this world at the Mercy Hospital for Women when his mum Brooke, a type 1 diabetic, was admitted to hospital due to a premature rupture of the membranes.

It was a stressful and surreal time for Brooke and her supportive partner Glen, with Mac staying in hospital for a further seven weeks.

“He was my absolute rock during the pregnancy, labour, delivery and the ongoing torment of having a premature baby,” Brooke says. “Glen wiped my brow, gave me water, tested my glucose levels, helped manage my insulin pump and even put Vaseline on my lips after each contraction.

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“The nursing staff at the Mercy are amazing. Premmies arrive into this world struggling to survive, they are hooked up to machines, they stop breathing and as a mother you hope that their next breath won’t be their last.

“A fully trained nurse sits with your child 24 hours a day, monitoring and caring for them when you are at home sleeping. They are amazing people.”

Just weeks after taking Mac home from the hospital, he was back at three months of age for a double hernia operation, which was extremely hard for Brooke and Glen to deal with, especially because Mac had already overcome so much hardship.

When Mac turned two his ‘magic’ paediatrician felt he was ready to take on the world. Now he’s a curious, determined, strong and kind four-year-old who towers over most of the kids his age.

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