Bonding with your preemie with in NICU

While your baby is in the neonatal intensive-care unit, it’s still possible to bond with them, which can help with teaching your little bundle of joy about the world.

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The benefits of bonding and interacting with your premmie include:

  • You and your baby get to know each other;

  • Helps your baby feel safe and loved;

  • Helps your baby learn new skills;

  • Helps your baby’s brain development; and

  • Helps your baby’s awareness of the physical environment around him/her.

It’s important to remember your baby is vulnerable and can get tired and overwhelmed quickly, so at first your premmie may only be able to do this for a few minutes at a time. To avoid overwhelming them, try to avoid stimulating all senses at once. Pick one sense, such as sight or hearing, and stick to that per play session. You can try softy singing, humming, or talking to your baby.

Babies are known to recognise your voice and this can be a great way for your baby to get used to you and know that you’re there for them.

When your baby is more developed, you can try incorporated visual props, such as a small soft toy or pictures of you and your family. Once your baby can control eye movements, you can try to stimulate them by waggling your fingers in front of their face or making funny faces. They’ll love it!

Eventually, your baby will be stronger and you’ll be able to play with them more and more.

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