July Earlybird of the Month

Our Earlybird Premmie of the Month for July is the precious Oscar, who was born five weeks early to parents Sandi and Kaz.

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After Sandi went into labour at home she was admitted straight to Waverley Private, and 18 hours later Oscar was born. During Sandi’s labour her obstetrician decided to perform an emergency caesarean when Oscar’s heart rate began to drop.

“The umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck and he was turning purple. He was, despite a traumatic labour, an incredibly strong and healthy baby, which we are both eternally thankful for,” Sandi said.

In hospital Oscar grew stronger everyday. After spending nine days in the Special Care Unit he was finally allowed to go home, much to the relief of his parents.

“We only spent four days going back and fourth from the hospital for feeds and visits, and it was still extremely exhausting. I remember thinking about parents who had babies in special care for extended periods of time and wondering how incredibly strong they must be.”

Oscar – an early bird on the go!

Sandi credits her husband Kaz for being a pillar of strength following Oscar’s birth and keeping her calm.

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“He bought a necklace for Oscar with an angel pendant attached. He showed me and said, ‘I bought this for Oscar, because I wanted something to remember this moment, and the angel that was watching over him.’”

Oscar is now a thriving two-year-old and Sandi and Kaz are eternally thankful for all the love and support they received from friends and family.

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