Meet Zahara, Lilabela and Myles

As a doctor, Phoebe was immediately concerned when she learned she was having triplets.

“I was all too aware of the likelihood they would be born prematurely and the complications and risks that would entail,” she says. “The ensuing weeks were some of the most painful of my life.”

In 2011, gorgeous Zahara, Lalibela and Myles were born at 30 weeks to her and Hamish. The triplets spent 74 nights in the NICU of the Royal Hospital for Women, sleeping in incubators supplied by the Running For Premature Babies organisation.

Zahara, Myles and Lilabela (left to right).

Zahara, Myles and Lilabela (left to right).

As a way of saying thanks, Phoebe regularly runs with the Running For Premature Babies team during the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon to raise money for the Royal Hospital For Woman Foundation.

“The NICU experience is like no other, and only other people who have experienced the journey understand it,” she says. “That’s why I have love being a part of the Running For Premature Babies team.”

Zahara, Lilabela and Myles are now thriving three-and-half-year-olds and are loving growing up together.

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